Focus on the Extended Essay

Workshop leader: Jonathan Newell



  • To explore the issues associated with supervising an extended essay as part requirement for the IB Diploma Programme
  • To enable participants to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding through active participation, peer collaboration and the generation of resources and strategies


By the end of this workshop, participants should have:

  • An understanding of the role and rationale of the extended essay in a student’s development
  • An understanding of the role and responsibilities of a supervisor in a student’s development of an extended essay
  • An understanding of the assessment rationale of the extended essay
  • An understanding of special education needs and academic honesty
  • An understanding of the administrative requirements of extended essay supervision and submission

Provisional agenda

Session 1: Roles & responsibilities

Introductions – aims and objectives of the workshop
Understanding the nature of the extended essay
The assessment rationale.
Enquiry-based learning
Its relation to the IB Learner Profile and TOK
International dimensions
The EE supervisor – policies and procedures
The candidate. The school
Special educational needs

Session 2: The research process

What does the essay represent to the student?
How much time and when?
The aims of the essay
Assessment objectives
The process – beginning with a suitable research question!
Recommendations to students
Things to do. Things NOT to do
The research itself – strategies for success


Session 3: Providing feedback


Timelines - a student contract? An EE schedule
Progress tracking. Writing the final draft
Supervisor advice. Academic honesty. The Viva Voce
Review – what they need! Review – to the student
Summary - strategy and resource development

Session 4:  Submission and assessment

Submission requirements
Assessment criteria and subject specific guidelines
Sample marking and assessment – being an examiner!

In accordance with commonly accepted understanding of how adults learn, all sessions will include group activities and tasks, with time for personal reflection.