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Chemistry for the IB Diploma - Geoffrey NeussChemistry for the IB Diploma 2nd. Edition (Oxford)
by Geoffrey Neuss

The second edition of this very popular study guide has been written specifically for the new programme for first examinations in 2009. It follows the syllabus exactly with the contents broken down into single page topics. The Standard and Higher level material is clearly distinguished. At the end of each major topic there are IB examination questions with answers given. The whole book is written in clear and concise English to help those who do not have English as their mother tongue. The book also contains helpful information on Internal Assessment, Extended Essays and preparing for the final External Examinations.

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Chemistry Course Companion - Geoffrey NeussChemistry Course Companion 2nd. Edition (Oxford and IB)
by Geoffrey Neuss

This very popular Chemistry Course Companion has now been updated. It contains all the information needed for both SL and HL together with critical thinking, TOK, 'Aim 8' and the International aspect of Chemistry with full colour photographs. It also comes with a CD ROM containing Multiple Choice questions on all topics, data response questions and example Paper 3 exams covering all seven options with all the answers. Also on the CD are animations and ideas for practical work.

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InThinking Chemistry Website
by Geoffrey Neuss

This site provides a unique and comprehensive resource for all (new and experienced) teachers of IB Diploma Chemistry. Not only is there is a wealth of helpful information but also many ideas and examples that you can use to enthuse your students at both Standard and Higher Level. The detailed advice and huge amount of ‘ready to go’ materials will ensure your students achieve a high grade, but the ultimate goal is to inspire teachers and their students to think critically about all aspects of IB Chemistry.

Chemistry Newsletter
by Geoffrey Neuss


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Economics Course Companion - Jocelyn Blink & Ian DortonEconomics Course Companion (Oxford)
by Jocelyn Blink & Ian Dorton

Providing clear and inviting instruction and guidance, this Companion will support students through their IB Economics course. It includes cross-curricular materials and activities as well as advice and guidance for the portfolio of four commentaries. Examples, features, and case studies drawn from around the world will encourage students to develop an international perspective.

  • Includes a section of Development and International Economics.
  • Written by experienced authors and teachers, who are both deputy chief examiners.
  • Activities and features provide opportunities for learning and discussion around core and wider issues.
  • Exam, portfolio, and Extended Essay advice is provided.
  • Lively and accessible, this book will inspire students to engage in the subject.

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Economics Newsletter
by Jocelyn Blink & Ian Dorton


English A: Language & Literature

InThinking English A: Language & Literature Website
by David McIntyre

An in-depth and accessible website for Standard and Higher Level students of the new Language A Language and Literature syllabus for the IB Diploma. This lively, well structured site includes: key concepts in studying language and literature; text extracts from World literature (in English and in translation); international media and language sources; a wide variety of activities to build skills; materials for exam preparation; guidance on assessment; Theory of Knowledge links; and Extended essay opportunities.

English A: Language & Literature Newsletter
by David McIntyre


English B

InThinking English B Website
by David Ripley

The English B website aims to provide a mass of practical, interesting teaching materials, focused on intellectual challenge. This is not just because English B forms part of the demanding IB Diploma programme, but because developing language skills must involve developing practical thinking skills as well. So, the site explores how to teach the language system itself, how language affects how we think and who we are, and how language influences the way we see the world. Helpful for the inexperienced; stimulating for the experienced.

English B Newsletter
by David Ripley


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French B

French B for the IB Diploma (Oxford)
by Ann Abrioux, Pascale Chrétien & Nathalie Fayaud

The French Course Companion and Study Guide have been written specifically for the Languages B programme which will be taught from September 2011 with first assessment from May 2013. These two components are suitable for both Higher and Standard level students. These two components provide plenty of guidance and information about topics that students need to deal with the themes, text types and assessment required for the new Languages B Diploma programme. The Study Guide contains guidance on answering the new assessment questions; revision tips; study skills and in-depth analysis of the new assessment papers. The focus throughout is on helping students to know what to expect in the new assessment and how to prepare for this.

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Le Monde En Français (Advance Materials)
by Ann Abrioux, Pascale Chrétien & Nathalie Fayaud

Written by an IB examiner, a workshop leader and a practising IB teacher, this book covers all core and optional themes for the new French Language B syllabus. Authentic texts from a wide variety of francophone countries promote an intercultural perspective while the exercises help develop students' linguistic abilities and critical thinking skills. Clear guidances and ample opportunities for practice are given for  the the new written task and interactive oral. The book is suitable for both Higher and Standard Level.

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HistoryHistory: Paper One
by Brian Mimmack, Daniela Senes, and Eunice Price

Written by a team of highly experienced IB History teachers who are also involved in examining, delivering workshops and curriculum review, this book offers complete coverage of the prescribed subjects on Paper One.

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History Newsletter
by Joni Makivirta


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Standard Level Mathematics - Tim Garry and Ibrahim Wazir

Standard Level Mathematics
by Tim Garry and Ibrahim Wazir

Standard Level Mathematics provides comprehensive coverage of all the latest core material and options for Mathematics SL. Worked examples with effective illustrations show how to tackle tricky questions, and there are exam-style assessment opportunities using model questions and answers. There are clear links to TOK throughout, and the book provides guidance on completing the Portfolio.

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Mathematical Studies Course Companion
by Stephen Bedding, Jane Forrest, Mal Coad, Paula Waldman de Tokman, and Beryl Fussey

Mathematical Studies Course Companion - Various

This book has been designed specifically to support the student through the IB Diploma Programme in Mathematical Studies. It includes worked examples and numerous opportunities for practice. In addition, the book will provide students with features integrated with study and learning approaches, TOK and the IB learner profile. Examples and activities drawn from around the world will encourage students to develop an international perspective.

  • Lively and accessible, this resource will inspire students not only to succeed in the course but to engage with the wider issues of the subject.
  • Authors are experienced examiners.
  • Provides opportunity for discussion and creativity.
  • Provides material and features throughout to encourage international-mindedness and moral and ethical issues.
  • Exam and extended essay advice provided.
  • Guidance and support provided for the mathematical studies project.
  • This book has been written and developed in collaboration with the IBO

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Math HL & SL Newsletter

by Tim Garry


Math Studies Newsletter

by Jim Noble


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Higher Level Physics - Chris Hamper

Higher Level Physics (Heinemann)
by Chris Hamper

  • Provides comprehensive coverage of the entire HL course, including all options.
  • Contains worked examples, practice questions from past IB papers and advice on Internal Assessment and the Extended Essay to support the student and offer opportunities for exam preparation.
  • Innovative Theory of Knowledge chapter.
  • Fully illustrated in colour.
  • Accompanying website with full worked solutions.

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Standard Level Physics - Chris Hamper and Keith Ord

Standard Level Physics (Heinemann)
by Chris Hamper & Keith Ord

Standard Level Physics provides comprehensive coverage of all the latest syllabus requirements and all the options for Physics SL. It encourages further thinking throughout using clear links toTOK, and makes very effective use of illustrated examples and levelled exercises. There is also guidance on the Internal Assessment and Extended Essay, and enables exam-style assessment opportunities using questions from past papers.

  • Comprehensive coverage of all the latest syllabus requirements and all the options for PhysicsSL.
  • Illustrated examples and levelled exercises.
  • Clear links to TOK throughout.
  • Topics organised into 1 hour units.
  • Enables exam-style assessment using questions from past papers.
  • Supported by teacher's notes.

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InThinking Physics Website
by Chris Hamper

This comprehensive website for Physics teachers includes the following features:

  • A complete guide to IA with more than 40 experiments including teachers notes and worksheets.
  • Around 50 examples of marked students work with teacher comments.
  • A lesson plan for every lesson of the two year course including Aims, TOK moments links and tests for every lesson.
  • Screencasts of some ideas of how to use simulations.
  • A guide to how to write a good EE.
  • A complete revision programme in the form of more than 700 online multiple choice questions covering the whole core & AHL.
  • Solutions to all the past paper questions.

Physics Newsletter
by Chris Hamper

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IB Psychology Course Companion - John Crane and Jette Hannibal

IB Psychology Course Companion (Oxford)
by John Crane & Jette Hannibal

This Course Companion supports the new syllabus for 2009 and includes all options. It promotes cross-cultural links and connections to TOK, international-mindedness and the IB learner profile. Written by two experienced IB examiners and teachers, it contains historical information alongside data from the latest research. Students are stimulated by a wealth of engaging activities and features. They are encouraged to think critically and relate ideas to other subjects and to world issues. There is an emphasis on research and research methods, as well as advice on internal and external assessment.

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IB Psychology Course Companion - John Crane and Jette Hannibal

Psychology for the IB diploma (Oxford)
by Jette Hannibal

Written by a senior examiner the Study Guide provides essential revision coverage for students preparing to take the IB Diploma Programme examination in Psychology. The text contains all the information required for the course, presented in a concise, accessible format. The book exactly matches the structure of the new course and includes material for both Standard and Higher level. The Study Guide may be used by teachers or to support the students' learning outside the classroom. It is also suitable for students and teachers whose first language is not English, with a clear and straightforward style.

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John Crane’s IB Psychology Blog

Psychology Newsletter
by John Crane

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Spanish B

Spanish B Newsletter
by Carina Gambluch & Encina Alonso


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Theory of Knowledge

Theory of Knowledge for the IB Diploma (Cambridge)
by Richard van de Lagemaat

This comprehensive and accessible book is designed for use by students following the Theory of Knowledge course in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme. The book is also useful for students following other critical thinking courses. The fundamental question in Theory of Knowledge is ‘How do you know?’ In exploring this question, the author encourages critical thinking across a range of subject areas and helps students to ask relevant questions, use language with care and precision, support ideas with evidence, argue coherently and make sound judgements.

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Theory of Knowledge Newsletter
by Richard van de Lagemaat

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