Student workshops

We run student workshops and conferences throughout the academic year and a two week student summer camp every July. Our workshops cover many topics, but our focus is on critical thinking and study skills, and we have particular expertise in the IBDP Theory of Knowledge course. All of our programmes encourage students to question their assumptions, evaluate arguments and develop a broader perspective on their studies. We are passionate about our work in this area, and our goal throughout is to inspire students with a love of learning and to help them become independent thinkers and responsible citizens of the world.

TOK / Critical Thinking

Below are some of the most popular student workshops that we offer in the area of Theory of Knowledge / critical thinking. These workshops are mainly designed for 16-18 year olds and are appropriate for both IBDP and non-IBDP students. Please contact us to request a tailor-made workshop to meet the particular needs of your school.

What Should I Believe?
Critical Thinking, War & Terrorism
Rational Animals?
How Should I Live?
Forbidden Knowledge

Study Skills

We offer a range of study-skills workshops for students aged 12 and up. Among the topics covered are: goal-setting and time-management; questioning and thinking skills; key notes and mind-mapping; how to improve your memory; and effective exam preparation. Key ideas are illustrated with examples that relate directly to students’ school experience, and they are supported with practical exercises and activities.

Think! Summer Camp

Think! is a challenging and thought provoking summer camp for students aged 16 to 18 who are interested in exploring new ideas, expanding their horizons, and developing their potential. The two week programme is designed to help students to develop four key skills:

  • Thinking skills.
  • Study skills.
  • Communication skills.
  • Leadership skills.

The camp takes an active learning approach to education which puts students at the centre of things and enables them to build on their pre-existing strengths. Not only does this give them the confidence to rise to new challenges and develop the skills they need for the future, but it also makes learning fun!

The course takes place at Atlantic College, a school in a castle in a spectacular setting on the South Wales coast.

For further information visit the Think! website.