IB Art Summer Camp

An inspiring and stimulating summer camp for pre and mid IBDP students who are interested in making art in a new and exciting context, and developing their potential as artists. Using a range of materials and techniques, students will begin to explore the fundamental ideas of culture, context and the role of investigation in art making that is the foundation of IB Art.

The 2 week program is a full immersion experience designed to help students to develop these areas:

  • Gain confidence and skills as a visual artist
  • Use inquiry to initiate and direct art work
  • Develop an idea from a seed to a studio piece
  • Encourage the relationship between investigation and art work

The camp provides a focused learning experience in a supportive, creative environment where the student is encouraged to build upon their existing strengths and discover new ones. Each student is individually supported in the development of their artwork and investigation workbook while benefitting from the exchange of ideas within the small group dynamic.

The course takes place at La Vigna Art Studios, an artist residency and retreat center in Tuscany, in the hills near Pisa, Italy and is led by Heather McReynolds, an experienced IB Visual Arts teacher, examiner, author and artist. Besides the dedicated studio time, there are many fun activities, inspiring art field trips, visits to local artists studios, environmental sculpture, delicious Italian food, gelato, and a trip to the beach!

Group size: 10 (max 12, min 6)

Teaching hours: 40

For further information, please contact Heather McReynolds (heathermcr@gmail.com)